Mac&Co. is a breath of fresh air in the legal world.

Founded by Jan McNamara in 2012, this is a firm that prides itself on the highest standards of legal advice delivered in a straightforward and refreshingly approachable manner.


To achieve this, we work to understand all sides of an issue before we set out to offer the most practical and economic solution. The bigger picture is too often lost in the minutiae of the most pressing legal matter, yet it can often inform the most appropriate approach.


At all times we aim to balance the unique combination of legal, commercial and personal interests in any legal matter.

Our approach can be distilled into three simple principles:



We will always be honest with you, and make sure you know what you need to know – not just what you’d like to hear. If we make a commitment, we will honour it.



We aim to deliver value in everything we do. This doesn’t mean offering an absolute rock-bottom price, but addressing your legal issue in a transparent way and charging a fair amount for the service we provide.



You came to a lawyer because you have legal business that needs to be addressed. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.